>Review: Last Sacrifice


Title: The last sacrifice
Pages: 594
Author: Richelle Mead
Publisher: Razor Bill
Source: Goodreads

Murder. Love. Jealousy.
And the ultimate sacrifice. Now, with Rose on trial for her life and Lissa
in line for the Royal Throne, nothing will ever be the same between

My Short Thoughts:
When I finished Last Sacrifice (which was 6 mins ago) my first reaction was OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, and yet another OH MY GOSH with a silly smile on my face that I barely wear. No matter how many books I read after this, this I must say will forever be one of my favorite books and series. The ending was so amazingly beautiful I made a Facebook post and tagged Richelle Mead on it telling her how much she has made me happy. Throught the whole book I wanted to scream and yell (which I almost did during class today) whenever something happened that I didn’t approve of, cry when I felt the pain of one of the characters, and just jump for joy for well…when something awesome or something I wanted to happen. I really don’t know what else to say because I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t read it yet, but all I have left to say is bravo!
2 Responses to “>Review: Last Sacrifice”
  1. Deepali says:

    >I've enjoyed Richelle Mead before, though not read this particular series.Sounds fun!I'm hopping from e-Volving Books, do leave your comment on any post you read at my blog today.-Dee

  2. Jenny says:

    >I completely agree, this will always be one of my favorites as well, and I thought she did a beautiful job bringing Rose's story to a close but keeping things open for the spinoff:) Can't wait to read the new series!

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