The Lonely Book Club by Elizabeth Eulberg

Penny is your normal type of girl, despise her name being named in honor of the Beatles Band. It was an ordinary day like no other when Penny discovered something that involved the boy she thought loved her and basically broke her heart. After that hurtful event Penny has sworn of guys and decided to make a club called The Lonely Hearts Club. One by one girls from her school started joining causing a big controversy with the boys and a couple of the faculty and staff. In between all the events happening with her from her friends to how large her group has become she starts falling for a guy she thought she wouldnever date, the question of it all is can she keep her vow in swearing off boys for good. Read The Lonely Hearts Club. 🙂

My opinion: it’s a really awesome book. It has it’s funny parts, sweet/cute, and even touching moments. The characters remind you of how your teenage life was or is, if your still a teenager. It has lots of real moments, things that would happen in real life than just seeing in the movies. This is truely a book for anyone who has given up on love, fallen in love, or want’s to know what the adventure is like.


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